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Block Watch program
We are looking for neighbors to host ‘Our Block’ Block Watch Meet and Greet get togethers. This would involve hosting a gathering at your home for an hour or two, could be in the yard, the driveway, or carport, your choice. The purpose is to get to know your neighbors on Your Block. To the east, west, across the street, and to the east and west of them, perhaps even include the folks on the other side of the alley, again your choice how big or small. Our Association provides a sign to post in your yard and flyers to invite your neighbors. Nothing fancy, just provide the place and ask each guest to bring a drink a chair and a dish to share.

If you are interested in hosting a get together, please contact:
Bob Wieser at:

Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol
Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol has long supported the notion that involved residents are the most effective crime fighters, reporting suspicious activity as it occurs. This program allows residents to become more actively involved as partners in crime prevention. They are the Phoenix Police Department's "Eyes and Ears!"

The Phoenix Police Department will provide the training and tools to volunteers who would like to become more involved in crime prevention around their neighborhoods. We They have had the opportunity and privilege of training over 1500 citizens citywide in observation skills, criminal codes, police procedures, and drug recognition through non- confrontational methods. Citizen Patrols? I thought patrolling was a job for the Police! Crime prevention is every citizen's responsibility. Some communities in Phoenix already have conducted citizen patrols with success. Providing these patrols often gives people a stronger sense of ownership in their neighborhood, as well as drawing neighbors together in a common cause. The citizen patrols can be conducted on an 'as available' basis and are by no means mandatory.

How many hours are required to participate?
Once you complete the 4 hour training, you decide the amount of time you wish to participate. Any volunteers contributing documented hours to this program will be invited to annual program-related ceremonies.

What are the requirements for becoming a P.N.P. Member?
Contact Bob Wieser at:

Also visit: for further information and training class schedules.

 PPD Last Thursday of Every Month
Mt. View Precinct multi community meeting
2075 E. Maryland Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85016
RSVP Detective/CAO Aaron Stevens #7398
cell: 602-361-0043
fax: 602-495-3638 


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Detective/CAO Aaron Stevens #7398
Mountain View Precinct
2075 E Maryland Av
Phoenix, AZ 85016
cell: 602-361-0043
fax: 602-495-3638

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Block Watch

Block Watch