St. Gregory Neighborhood Association Holiday Lighting Contest

The neighborhood association sponsors an annual holiday lighting contest. Last year, around 150 houses in the ‘hood were decorated and rated.

Ballots will be distributed with flyers, where neighbors can select their top three favorite house decorations.

Cash prizes are awarded:
• $100 for 1st place
• $75 for 2nd place 
• $50 for 3rd place

Previous year's awardee's are ineligible for current year's contest, and will be noted on the ballot.

Final drop off and vote counting this year (2018) will be:
Saturday, December 22
7 - 7:30pm
Evelyn Billing’s carport
1719 W Fairmount

Refreshments and treats will be served.

Time to be announced.


Monthly Assn. Board Mtg
Second Thursday of every month.

Next General BOARD meeting:
May 9, 2019

Open to all residents and interested parties.

Contact Bob Wieser
Evelyn Billings
for location confirmation or to add an item to the agenda.

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Ice Cream Social

See calendar for more details.

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