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Alley Lights

2017-18 Alley Lighting Campaign Rewards

The St. Gregory Neighborhood Association is very happy to announce that if you donate to the alley lighting campaign in 2018, we will be able to offer a gift back to you, for you to show your friends and neighbors that you support their safety, and also show off some pride in your neighborhood too! Right now, if you donate $30 or more to the Alley Light Campaign, by March 15th, you will be given a commemorative t-shirt showing your support of and pride in your neighborhood, which can be picked up at our annual Pancake Breakfast! T-shirts for donations will be available after that date as well, but donations before February 20th will ensure you get one of the first batch! For a minimum $7 donation, you will get an amazing window decal (below) that specifically identifies you as a supporter of the St. Gregory Neighborhood. So get in touch with a board member now, and make your donation to help the neighborhood, and show it off to everyone. Don’t be the last one in our neighborhood to get a sticker on the car, or be seen walking the neighborhood in that great shirt that tells your neighbors that you care!

With approximately 450 houses, the St. Gregory Neighborhood Association (SGNA) is tasked with lighting up a lot of alleyways to help keep all of them safe at night and to help deter crime. We have 42 lights that have been installed to help keep away the shadows from dusk until dawn in our alleyways. They are not paid for by the City of Phoenix, or by APS. They are paid for by the SGNA and all of us, the residents of this neighborhood. The total cost of the lights each year is roughly $6,000, which comes partly from a City of Phoenix Block Watch grant that is applied for and secured by the SGNA members, but has become less and less each year. This fiscal year the grant only covered about $3,000. That leaves a little over three thousand dollars that the residents of the neighborhood have to come up with, or the alleys could go dark again. That is only about $15 per house, per year, if every family were able to donate, but unfortunately, for many reasons, it doesn’t happen. Please consider that the SGNA and the City of Phoenix grant have covered this cost since 1995, and what this benefit means to you personally. If you feel that you are able to contribute to the fund and to help us with the cost of the lights, please make a donation. Any help is greatly appreciated by everyone that lives here. We ALL benefit from these lights. If you own, or work for a local business that would like to help the safety and security of our community, we would love to let your neighbors know all about it with a story here!

No donation is too small or too big. For info on how to donate, go to, email anyone on the association board, or here at Thank you for your help in providing for the safety of your friends and neighbors here in St. Gregory!

Did You Know...
There are 42 Dusk-To-Dawn alley lights throughout the St. Gregory Neighborhood that are part of our neighborhood crime prevention and safety efforts.  We have to think about these in terms of the protection and safety of all of us who live in the neighborhood.  There is a steady rate and even some increase of burglaries that happen over the back fences of homes in central Phoenix.

(To see a map of alley lights, click here.)
Since 1995, the St. Gregory Neighborhood Association (SGNA) has been paying the entire cost of these lights.  The cost was initially completely covered through a City of Phoenix Block Watch Grant.  SGNA applies for a Block Watch Grant every year in which we request funds for certain items that are related to crime prevention, safety, and neighborhood awareness of these issues. However, over the past 3 years, the City has steadily cut the monies available for alley lighting, leaving the amount available now and in the future at only $3,000.00 per year. 

The cost of the 42 alley lights is close to $6,300.00 a year.  So, per light per day over the year: $6,300.00 divided by 42 = $150.00 per light and divided by 365 days = 41 cents per day.    

The SGNA Board raises money at the April Pancake Breakfast and the October Block Party.  At this time, we have a little cushion in our own SGNA Board funds that we designate as alley light money, but this will be exhausted in one more year. 

It’s time to embark on a SGNA Fundraising Campaign to have the funds to continue to cover the alley light expenses.  Our Goal is $6,000.00.  There are just over 400 homes in the neighborhood, so if you were to think about each home’s share of the cost, it’s only $15.00 a year.  However, SGNA is not a homeowner’s association and we cannot bill you for the cost and we cannot assess a fee, like an annual dues amount.  What we can do is ask you to consider the benefit of the alley lights in helping each of us contribute to safety and crime prevention for the entire neighborhood. 

Please give generously to the SGNA Alley Light Campaign.


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