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St. Gregory Neighborhood Association Block Watch/
Neighborhood Patrol

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Mt, View Precinct multicommunity meeting
2075 E. Maryland Ave.
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RSVP Detective/CAO Aaron Stevens #7398
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The Bird's Eye View
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May 2012

Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol
Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol has long supported the notion that involved residents are the most effective crime fighters, reporting suspicious activity as it occurs.  This program allows residents to become more actively involved as partners in crime prevention.  They are the Phoenix Police Department's "Eyes and Ears!"

History of Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol
The Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol Program began in 1994 as Block Watchers on Patrol and was associated with the Block Watch McGruff logo.  In 1995 P.N.P. members donated over 5,468 hours of their time patrolling their neighborhoods.  By 2004, they spent over 26,000 hours and traveled 77,490 miles assisting the police officers of the City of Phoenix Police Department by driving through their neighborhoods and watching for suspicious criminal behavior, fights, traffic problems, stolen vehicles, and missing persons.

In 1999 the program adopted the name of Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol and its new logo. We have had the opportunity and privilege of training over 1500 citizens in observation skills, criminal codes, police procedures, and drug recognition through non- confrontational methods.

Citizen Patrols?  I thought patrolling was a job for the Police!
Crime prevention is every citizen's responsibility. Some communities in Phoenix already have conducted citizen patrols with success. Providing these patrols often gives people a stronger sense of ownership in their neighborhood, as well as drawing neighbors together in a common cause. The citizen patrols can be conducted on an 'as available' basis and are by no means mandatory. The Phoenix Police Department will provide the training and tools to volunteers who would like to become more involved in crime prevention around their neighborhoods.

What are the requirements for becoming a P.N.P. Member?
After the following qualifications are met, a background check will be completed. This process will include a check for warrants and any criminal record. Persons listed as suspects or investigative leads on police reports will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Final approval for participation in the Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol program will be at the discretion of the Patrol Division Assistant Chief of Police.

• Reside in the City of Phoenix
• Be at least 18 years of age
• Possess a valid driver license or Arizona identification card
• Complete mandatory Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol training

Disqualifying conditions:
• Felony convictions within the past 60 months (from time of application)
• Any pending criminal charges
• Conviction for child molestation
• Registered as a sex offender
• Adjudicated by the courts to be mentally incompetent

How many hours are required to participate?
Once you complete the 8 hour training, you decide the amount of time you wish to participate. Any volunteers contributing documented hours to this program will be invited to annual program-related ceremonies.
Below is the Training Outline and Schedule dates.

What are the "powers" of a Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol member?
Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol participants are citizens, not police officers or police department volunteers. They have no powers of arrest beyond that of any private citizen. They are trained for observation purposes only and participate for benefit of their community or neighborhood.

Phoenix Neighborhood Patrol Training

Other contacts:
Officer Mary Roestenberg

Neighborhood Coordinator
Annette Rick

Sex Offender information:
Internet sex offender website; investigation of records; immunity; definition:

Sex Offender Frequently Asked Questions

Phone Scam Notice:
Detective/CAO Aaron Stevens #7398
Mountain View Precinct
2075 E Maryland Av
Phoenix, AZ 85016
cell: 602-361-0043
fax: 602-495-3638

Hello neighbors,

I wanted to alert our  citizens, especially our senior citizens, of a telephone scam that I have heard at least 2 reported cases of this week in Ahwatukee:

The telephone rings and when a senior citizen answers the scammer says, "Hello grandpa/grandma!"  The scammer speaks with a muffled voice and explains that he is in Cancun and was DUI and got into an accident, breaking his jaw and causing him to talk funny.  The scammer speaks with a normal American-English accent.  He goes on to say that he is in jail and needs $2,200 to get out of jail and pay his fines.  He asks for you to wire the money via Western Union and he will call you from the airport tomorrow to let you know he made it out safely.  Of course he never calls!
Two of our kind, caring seniors are $2,200 poorer today after trying to help out a loved on in need! 
PLEASE do not wire money to anyone you speak to on the phone or via email without verifying their identity 100%!! Remember that your bank will never request your personal information via email.  If they request personal information via the telephone, tell them you will call the bank back at a number you know and trust and then give them the information.  If they argue with you, there is probably a reason why!
Please check the FBI website for a list of other scams and fraud schemes:
Thank you for passing this on and please be safe out there!

Phone Scam Alert #2
The phone rings, and the caller announces he is from Microsoft, and you need to change setting on your computer.

Hang up. Report the phone number to autorities.

NEVER follow ANY instructions for your computer given by an incoming call, unless you verify that it is a RETURN call on an issue that YOU initiated with a help desk. A job ticket number,

Also NEVER verify an unsolicited caller's intent by calling the number they give you over the phone. If it is a bank, service, whatever, call the number on your statement and ask if the call is/was legitimate.