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Welcome to the St. Gregory Neighborhood Association Webpage

Welcome to our wonderful little corner of the world. The St. Gregory Neighborhood Association represents the residents and businesses located within the block formed by 19th Avenue on the West, 15th Avenue on the East, Indian School Rd. on the North and Osborn on the South.

Did you know?
You are a member of the Association if you live within these designated borders.  All of us working together can make our neighborhood a safer, cleaner, friendlier place to live.

The Association is incorporated as a non-profit corporation and operates with a Board of volunteers to help plan and organize events and activities to help neighbors get to know neighbors to enable us to better fight crime and graffiti.   Your current Board members are:
- Evelyn Billings (treasurer)
- Ethan Rutkoff (secretary)
- Kay Abramsohn
- Steve Rude
- Bernadette Spurlock
- Bob Wieser
- Jeannie O'Connor

SGNA Board

SGNA Bd. Meeting
Third Thursday
Location: TBA
Contact Bev @

All residnets are welcome to attend any board meeting. If you have an issue to bring up, please contact Evelyn in advance so time can be allotted in our agenda. Also please contact Evelyn so we know how many to prepare for.

For more information on Neighborhood Activities, visit our 'Events' page.

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